A terrorist attack happens in the center of Paris. You have several clients in the city and many of your personnel visit there regularly. How do you identify who may be there and check on the safety of your people?

Alongside the alert in Worldcue® Companion is a list of your personnel, based on their itineraries and assignments, that immediately shows you who is in the area and may be impacted. You can customize the list and immediately send a message to everyone in a few easy steps, requesting them to confirm their safety. For extra coverage to ensure a successful communication, the message is sent via SMS, email, and in-app push notification to Worldcue® Mobile. You can monitor all the replies, no matter which communication channel is used, giving you a clear picture of who is safe or who may be in need of assistance.

Communicator forms an essential part of your Travel Risk Management Plan, allowing you to account for the safety of your personnel or know when contingency plans need to be enacted to confirm their safety.