We didn’t choose our core values lightly here at WorldAware. And these values are more than a motivational mantra. This is the code that we uphold, the philosophy we use to help our colleagues rise and conquer, and the standard of quality by which we measure our work. We apply these core values to work every day, to help our clients prepare for, monitor and respond to global events that may impact their people and operations. Our people prove to be a reflection of these values. 


We have a strong sense of responsibility to our colleagues, clients, and partners, and a passion for WorldAware's mission.  We are dedicated to the safety and security of our clients and employees, and strive for accuracy, reliability, and excellence in everything that we do. 


We adhere to high ethical standards.  We are transparent and honest in our relationships, which are built on trust and respect.


We operate as one company and encourage teamwork and open lines of communication both internally and externally.  We see ourselves as an extension of our clients’ programs and are invested in their success.


We leverage the broad range of knowledge, backgrounds, and opinions of our staff.  The results are services and products that meet the global needs of our clients.


We encourage intellectual curiosity, adaptability, and forward-thinking.  We approach each unique challenge with focus and creativity, resulting in tailored solutions for our clients and a stimulating work environment for our employees.