Organizations are preparing for anticipated civil unrest surrounding the US Presidential Inauguration, January 20th.

WorldAware's team of experts are closely monitoring the situation and are committed to providing actionable intelligence for organizations to make informed decisions to safeguard personnel and facilities.

Use the following intelligence alerts and expert resources to get a first-hand experience of WorldAware's intelligence-driven risk management solutions as we continue to provide updates on the 2021 US Inauguration and related events.

Risk Intelligence Alerts

WorldAware's intelligence alerts provide timely notification of any incidents or pending threats that could impact your organization or its people. Updated daily, the alerts include comprehensive expert analysis and resources in order to help you with decision support.

Access Alerts Related to the US Inauguration



Expert Resources

Whether looking for pre-incident planning guides, on-demand webinars, or other expert insights, these resources can be shared with your personnel to ensure they have the tools needed to stay informed.

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