News Brief: Analysis of Kidnap Risk in Nigeria

According to WorldAware's 2019 Global Forecast, virtual kidnapping risk is on the rise in several regions around the globe. Some areas, like Nigeria, are associated with higher risks of in-person kidnapping. Learn about the motivation behind kidnapping in Nigeria, the target profile, and what to do if kidnapped in this expert analysis by one of WorldAware's special risks experts.

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Intelligence Alert: Ebola Outbreak in DRC 2018

WorldAware's team of expert analysts continues to track the Ebola outbreaks. At this time, authorities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) have identified 498 suspected Ebola cases, including 450 confirmed cases, in Ituri and North Kivu  provinces. While the threat of infection for persons not involved in healthcare or funeral settings is low, all individuals should observe strict health precautions, including frequent hand washing with soap and water or with hand sanitizer.

News Brief: How Drones Affect Airport Security

On Dec. 19, authorities at London Gatwick Airport (LGW), the second-busiest airport in the UK, suspended all flight operations at the airport due to reports that unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as drones, were flying near the airport. The airport remained closed through Dec. 20 as the drone activity continued, forcing airlines to cancel over 750 flights and disrupting over 100,000 passengers. LGW again suspended flight operations on Dec. 21 after further reports of drone activity over the runway.

News Brief: Most Read Topics of 2018

As we embark on a new year, organizations will continue to be faced with threats around the globe. Here at WorldAware, our team of expert analysts, security specialists, and subject matter experts are at the ready around the clock to alert you of developing security threats and support your personnel who may need assistance while working or traveling.

News Brief: Understanding the US State Department Travel Advisory for China

The US State Department updated its travel advisory for China, Jan. 3. Media outlets quickly picked up on the development, reporting that the newest advisory warns of potential “exit bans” on US nationals in China. While many international travelers and businesses are understandably concerned over the language used in the newest advisory, it is important to note that the updated advisory contains little, if any, substantive changes from the previous version.