Intelligence Alert: Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael made landfall near Mexico Beach, Fl October 10 as a category 4 storm and arrived in southwestern Georgia early Wednesday evening as a category 3 storm. Michael has now transitioned into a tropical storm as it advances northeastward over central Georgia, early Oct. 11. Forecast models indicate that Michael will continue to weaken as it interacts with land over the coming hours; however, the system is still is expected to maintain its tropical storm status as it transits the northeastern US, Oct. 11-12.

Extensive flight disruptions are expected.

News Brief: Analysis of Kidnap Risk in Nigeria

According to WorldAware's 2019 Global Forecast, virtual kidnapping risk is on the rise in several regions around the globe. Some areas, like Nigeria, are associated with higher risks of in-person kidnapping. Learn about the motivation behind kidnapping in Nigeria, the target profile, and what to do if kidnapped in this expert analysis by one of WorldAware's special risks experts.

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