US Supreme Court Ruling on Workplace Discrimination for LGBTQ Workers

The June 15 Supreme Court ruling states that anti-LGBTQ discrimination is a form of sexual discrimination. The decision will very likely protect the majority of Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) workers across the country, and will likely encourage activists to seek wider extra employment safeguards. Conservative and religious groups will all but certainly challenge the ruling in court, and anti-LGBTQ rhetoric will very likely increase.

Saharan Dust Plume to Affect Air Quality and Tropical Activity

Each year, Saharan dust is transported across the Atlantic from Africa to the Gulf Coast region of the US, typically during the summer months. Recently, a large concentration of dust has reached the southeastern US and the Caribbean Islands and is forecast to linger in the region for the near term. The dust plume is likely to minimize tropical storm activity, having a direct impact on hurricane season in the Atlantic basin for the time being. Additionally, an increase in dust will lead to reduced visibility and air quality, raising concerns for individuals with respiratory illness or who have developed coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Although this event is significant regarding the density and extent of the cloud, the Saharan dust plume is not a unique phenomenon and not a major cause for alarm.

Global Maritime Industry Threatened by COVID-19 Restrictions

The impact of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) on the maritime industry is widespread. To mitigate the risk of exposure, ships must navigate complex restrictions to change crew members after several months at sea. Repatriation and replacing seafarers have proven difficult due to country-specific movement restrictions and a lack of available flights, often resulting in extended employment contracts. Crew change limitations have led to concerns over the safety of shipping crews and longer-term effects on supply chains.

LGBTQ Resources by our Experts

In honor of Pride month, we have put together the following expert resources to help educate and reduce risk to LGBTQ personnel within your organization. Learn the most up-to-date information on events during this year's Pride month, how to protect LGBTQ travelers, and other topical issues poignant to reducing security threats unique to LGBTQ individuals from our renowned experts.

Food Safety Awareness Month Expert Resources

In light of Worldwide Food Safety Day and Food Safety Awareness Month, we have put together the following expert resources to reduce the risk of product contamination and exposure to foodborne illness within your organization. Learn the latest knowledge on the food supply chain, food safety, how to establish a strong food safety culture, and more from our renowned experts. 



COVID-19 Prompts Concerns of Instability in Middle East and North Africa

The COVID-19 pandemic will likely alter the contours of the Middle East and North Africa region's security environment and will pose challenges in terms of food security, conflict resolution, geopolitical tensions, and terrorism in the near-to-medium term. The pandemic has prompted low oil prices and significantly degraded the tourism sector upon which many countries in the region heavily depend. Protests in Algeria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Iran; US-Iran geopolitical tensions; and the threat of militancy in Iraq and Syria will almost certainly accelerate.

Protests in Montenegro Could Intensify in Coming Months

Widespread anti-government protests occurred in Montenegro May 12-16 to denounce the arrest of officials of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro (SOCM). The arrests and consecutive protests have reignited tensions with neighboring Serbia, with Montenegrin authorities accusing Belgrade of interfering in the domestic affairs of the country while Serbian authorities accuse Podgorica of discriminating against its ethnic Serb population. Further escalation of the civil unrest, as well as diplomatic tensions between Podgorica and Belgrade, remains possible.