State Department Orders Travel Advisory for Mexico After 8 Bodies Found in Cancún

The Department of State recently issued a travel advisory for Americans who plan to go to Mexico, increasing the advisory level in several states. However, for Quintana Roo, the Department has maintained its Level 2 advisory, to “exercise increased caution." The latest travel advisory comes on the heels of the discovery of eight bodies - several of them dismembered - throughout Cancún on Aug. 21.

Jamaica State of Emergency Extended

On July 27, Jamaica’s Senate unanimously approved a new extension of the Emergency Power Resolution for Saint James Parish, following a similar vote by the House of Representatives. The vote extends the state of public emergency that has been in effect in Saint James Parish since January to Nov. 1. The extension comes due to the positive results the policy has shown, and the safer environment it has created in the region. Saint Catherine North, an area within Saint Catherine Parish, is also under state of emergency since March. 

How to Stay Healthy during the Hajj

The Hajj – the annual pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, and the largest mass gathering in the world – is an annual event typically occurring during late August to early September. Officials often identify sporadic outbreaks of diarrhea, respiratory, or bloodborne diseases during and immediately following the Hajj. Those with pre-existing heart or respiratory conditions are more likely to experience negative health consequences when participating in Hajj events.

U.S. Sanctions Target Iran's Economy

Protests, violence likely to surge across Iran as US sanctions against Tehran take effect Aug. 7. US Issues Sanctions Against Iran The nearly four decades of US-led sanctions against Iran has resulted in the nation’s geopolitical isolation, which has in turn fueled the citizenry’s list of grievances - high unemployment, rampant corruption, delayed salaries, and water and fuel shortages. The Aug. 7 sanctions, a key part of the US-led “diplomatic and financial pressure campaign” against Tehran, will likely exacerbate all these issues, but are unlikely to precipitate regime change. However, the recent wave of anti-government protests will likely worsen as the Aug. 7 sanctions take effect.

In-flight Emergency: Cabin Depressurization

A more in-depth version of this piece was featured in our most-recent Airline Safety Newsletter.

Several high-profile incidents have highlighted the issue of cabin depressurization on airliners. While some cabin pressure incidents can cause serious injuries or even fatalities, most pose little threat to passengers. Basic precautionary steps can help protect travelers in the event of an emergency.