Rising to the Challenge: Managing Risk and the Role of Your TMC

What makes travel buyers and clients ready for an emergency? President Bruce McIndoe talks with Buying Business Travel on the importance of having plans and processes in place. "There shouldn't be any grey areas," said McIndoe, "If the programme is properly developed, defined and trained for, each person and company should know their role, responsibilities and when to act."

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What Other Nations do When Security Threats are Everywhere

Michael Payne, Senior Advisor, Organizational Resilience, shared that countries have different risk profiles consisting of different threat variations, vulnerabilities, risk appetites and protective capabilities.

"It’s also not clear that looking to what other nations are doing is all that useful...In the U.S., 85 percent of critical infrastructure sectors are owned and operated by private organizations." 

Are You Doing Enough to Keep Your Female Business Travelers Safe?

Founder and president of WorldAware Bruce McIndoe was featured in Risk & Insurance and commented on the recent survey that showed 80 percent of women said safety concerns impact their productivity on business trips.

“Training is the key,” said McIndoe. “If you invest in training to ensure your people make good decisions, then you don’t have to deal with the aftermath of poor decisions.”

Cultural Etiquette and the Role It Plays in Pre-trip Briefings

As published by American Express Global Business Travel: Before business travelers step foot in a foreign country, many companies prepare them for the realities and challenges they may experience via pretrip briefings. In addition to the usual topics you expect to be covered, such as security, health-related risks, entry/exit requirements, etc., another important subject is cultural awareness. In fact, Ed Daly, editor in chief of the global intelligence division at WorldAware (formerly iJET International), an integrated risk management company that helps organizations with pretrip briefings and is a partner of American Express Global Business Travel, says this cultural training very much falls under a company’s duty of care in regards to its travel risk management. “A lot of times people consider duty of care about security, but oftentimes it’s culture that can cause some of the biggest headaches for companies trying to do business abroad,” he explains. And as Daly knows from his experiences during his early days of traveling, just one inadvertent faux pas can cause serious offense.

WorldAware Releases Incident App, Acquires Mass Notification Service

WorldAware recently began marketing a new mobile app that alerts users of incidents and proximity to crime hot spots. In this Company Dime article, WorldAware President, Bruce McIndoe, explains how the acquisition builds on the core business in risk intelligence and mitigation through avoidance. The release of ExploreSafe addresses customer demand to apply these practices to all employees - traveling or not. Currently, the functionality is available to partners but is expected to be added to the Worldcue Mobile appl later this year.