WorldAware Advises Business Travelers on Transportation Risk

Electric scooter use is on the rise, especially in metropolitan cities where traffic is heavy. This popular method of transportation, seemingly convenient and cost-efficient, poses a risk to companies. Bruce McIndoe, Founder of WorldAware, gave his expert advice to The Company Dime. One company has already disallowed the use of these e-scooters by employees due to safety concerns. 

How Travelers Can Mitigate Risk of Privacy Breaches

Data privacy can be compromised anywhere, according to Born2Invest. The article discusses what to do about cameras, particularly in hotels and airplane seat back entertainment systems. Travelers have to trust that these devices are turned off. 

Although travelers cannot choose how their data is handled, Bruce McIndoe, Founder of WorldAware, gives advice on how to recognize a privacy breach and what to do after a potential breach.

WorldAware on Summer Travel Safety

Traveling for business or pleasure both encounter some level of risk. It's important to understand your risk before heading to a destination, and that's where solutions such as those provided by WorldAware come into play. The Washington Post interviewed security professionals, Bruce McIndoe among them, to educate summer travelers on travel safety and how to protect themselves.

A few key tips provided are as follows.

Personal Safety Tips for Female Travelers

Female travelers are more susceptible to risk when traveling alone. Founder and Chief Evangelist, Bruce McIndoe, says that it's easier to be a man when traveling. Women who travel are more likely to dine in their hotel rooms than to eat in the establishment's restaurant. More often than men, women are the object of unwanted attention. “I have female colleagues who won’t go to a hotel restaurant,” he said, “They say, ‘I’m tired of being approached’ so they just stay in the room and eat dinner.”