Career Profile: Managed Risk Services

In a recent career profile published by Security Magazine, Kristin Lenardson, VP of Managed Risk Services at WorldAware, discusses challenges with using intelligence in risk mitigation. “Overall, implementing a security program is very challenging... but when you’re looking at intelligence, moving into political risk and security operations, it depends on many different factors. It’s never the same job every day,” she says.

WorldAware Shares Insights on Travel Safety Updates

As COVID-19 is spreading around the world, travel safety has become a major concern. USA TODAY published an article sharing insights into certain updates that should not be used to determine travel safety, featuring Senior Health Intelligence Analyst, Courtney Kansler. When it comes to reopening tourist attractions, "That has more to do with economics and profit anxiety rather than safety," says Kansler. Visitors to these places may still run the risk of infection.

WorldAware Weighs in On Coronavirus Travel Questions

The spread of the Coronavirus, or COVID-19, has been raising many questions related to travel. The Wall Street Journal featured Senior Health Intelligence Analyst, Courtney Kansler, in its FAQ article. Kansler answered this question pertaining to thermal scanning at airports: "I’ve heard that airports are taking fliers’ temperatures when they land. What happens if you are found to have a temperature?"

Novel Coronavirus Could be Devastating for Poorer Countries

CNN Health looks at the current state of 2019-nCoV and the greatest risks associated with the virus. The article compares some of the recent trends of the virus with the Ebola outbreak in West Africa in 2014, the Ebola outbreak in the DRC in 2019, and the on-going measles epidemic in Samoa.

WorldAware health intelligence analyst Courtney Kansler shares perspective on how the outbreak could affect poorer countries.