Hurricane Response Operations in the Caribbean Islands

The 2017 hurricane season was catastrophic for the Caribbean Islands. Multiple, successive hurricanes devastated the region, crippling electric grids, communications networks, and transportation infrastructure. Before, during, and after the storms, WorldAware monitored changing conditions on the ground, provided clients with timely situational updates, and coordinated logistics for safe havens and secure transport.

Healthcare Delivery Normalizing in Texas Following Hurricane Harvey

Healthcare delivery systems in southeastern Texas have begun to normalize following the passage of Hurricane Harvey, which made landfall on Aug. 25 and caused catastrophic flooding, especially in the Greater Houston area. Despite widespread reports of medication shortages and severe impact to local pharmacies and clinics, the rapid implementation of mitigation strategies appears to have been largely effective. Healthcare delivery systems will likely continue to improve in the coming weeks as floodwaters recede, while the risk of infectious diseases could become more severe. 

Active Operations in the Caribbean in Wake of Hurricane Irma Continue

iJET International Continues Active Operations in the Caribbean in the wake of Hurricane Irma, Stands Ready to Assist Clients on the U.S. Mainland


iJET International, Inc. is currently engaged in supporting clients affected by Hurricane Irma, including conducting evacuations from the Caribbean and readying resources to respond to needs on the United States East Coast.