Protect your people

Protecting your most valuable assets - your people - is the most fundamental part of your risk management solution. WorldAware’s intelligence-driven risk management solutions alert multinational organizations and millions of their personnel about disruptive events before they occur, allowing time to prepare or avoid the threat altogether. When the unpredictable happens, fast notification through WorldAware’s two-way communication features provides travel risk managers and security personnel with the information and advice they need to respond quickly, reducing risks and costs.

WorldAware’s Travel Intelligence® and Worldcue® risk management software revolutionized corporate and government business travel with the promise of keeping employees safe. Building on that legacy, WorldAware provides intelligent risk management solutions that begin and end with intelligence.


Help your staff, travelers, and expats quickly learn about risks through location-based alerts, communicate with them, and take action at home or when traveling.

As a risk manager, you need to know where your people are, if they are impacted by a particular threat or crisis, and how to reach them to provide assistance. You need access to this mission-critical information immediately and reliably.

Your people need a simple way to know what risks they may be exposed to, as well as a means to get in touch with you to check in or request assistance.

WorldAware’s technology empowers you to quickly and effectively communicate with your people around the world and ensure that you are meeting your Duty of Care. A simple hotline call or check-in from an employee’s mobile phone can enable your response team, or ours, to react to an incident and account for everyone.

Our risk management solutions are built to empower everyone in your organization to make informed decisions, avoid risky situations, and access assistance if needed, whether at home or abroad.

WorldAware helps security, risk, business continuity, and HR professionals:

  • Keep their people informed of threats
  • Provide location-based incident reporting
  • Gain visibility into threat exposures and risk to people and facilities
  • Engage in two-way communication to confirm safety


Protect your facilities

Safeguarding your facilities is critical to your business continuity and risk management programs. Your people need to be able to do their work; your clients and partners need to be able to reach you; and your vendors need to deliver important supplies.

WorldAware delivers rapid notification of incidents and events that could impact your operations and your facilities. Our technology allows you to visualize threats and their impact zone on a map, giving you critical insight into risks to your business and supplier locations.

Our Worldcue® platform provides a robust solution to monitor and manage both intrinsic threats (security, health, etc.) and dynamic threats (alerts, incidents, etc.) for specific operating locations around the world. These locations can be any geo-fenced operation location (latitude, longitude, or vulnerability radius) representing any location type, whether it be an office, residence, project location, supplier, or client site.