No one company and no one industry has exactly the same risk management needs as another. More than 800 of the world’s largest enterprises across a multitude of industries trust WorldAware to help them keep their people and facilities safe and their business running smoothly.

Our expertise and subject matter experts enable us to customize programs to help our clients and partners provide the level of care and service their people and clients expect. Below are just a few industries that benefit from WorldAware’s unique risk management solutions.



An earthquake devastates a region. A political uprising occurs. A volcano erupts. Are you prepared to account for your insured or evacuate them from a remote location?

By helping insurers optimize their understanding of the global risks that affect their insured, WorldAware is able to help insurance companies lower their loss ratios and improve underwriting.

WorldAware provides our partners the ability to deliver early warnings of disruptions or threats to their insured, and we help them quickly locate, contact, and assist insured individuals around the globe. Our solutions support the needs of all insureds, including monitoring risks specific to female travelers and LGBT travelers.


Travel Management

Customer expectations and competition among travel management companies (TMCs) continue to grow at unprecedented rates. TMCs need a way to cost-effectively differentiate and deliver progressive, value-add services to their customers.

For nearly 20 years, WorldAware has been the recognized leader in travel risk management solutions. We partner with TMCs to provide world-class intelligence, timely alerts, award-winning technologies, and global assistance and response services.

Whatever your business model and unique needs, WorldAware can customize a travel risk management solution that makes sense for your organization and its clients – from intelligence and alerts, to traveler tracking and communications, to security and medical response services.


Meetings and Events

Recent events have prompted increased scrutiny on the meetings and events industry, including a focus on whether organizations are meeting minimum standards of risk management for event attendees. However, risk management preparation and planning for corporate travel programs is often insufficient for meetings and events, and ownership of risk management components does not always lie with meeting and event planners.

WorldAware works with meetings and events companies and planners to build tailored programs based upon accepted industry best practices, aligning with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1600 Standard. We align resources and capabilities to assist in event planning and execution, working with client staff, outside meeting organizers, and hotel/convention center personnel to ensure the safety and security of attendees.

WorldAware provides physical site security assessments, including evaluations of security force operations, vehicle barrier plans and fencing, and cameras and sensors. Our experienced team works hand-in-hand with our clients and partners to review security training and conduct drills. During an event, we are prepared to coordinate between onsite security personnel and external response teams, should the need arise.



Preparedness is paramount.

Ensuring the safety of student and staff travelers is one of the biggest challenges higher education institutions face. Many students are novice travelers, and any traveler visiting a new country or city is faced with limited knowledge of customs and the potential threats associated with their destination.

Study abroad program policies differ from those governing corporate travel, oftentimes offering the institution less control over student travel plans and data collection. Yet the college or university bears Duty of Care obligations for the safety and security of these students.

WorldAware works with some of the world’s largest universities and university systems to help those institutions develop a crisis plan for its travelers, to prepare those travelers, and to track them so they can be quickly contacted and assisted should the need arise.

By helping higher learning institutions better prepare and ensure the safety of their student and staff travelers, WorldAware helps them prevent unnecessary expenses, protect their reputation, and avoid legal ramifications.