A natural disaster hits. A plane has mechanical issues or delays. An infectious disease spreads across international borders. How do you forewarn your travelers and expatriates of the threats they may face? And what do you do if crisis strikes?

WorldAware’s end-to-end approach to travel risk management (TRM) is driven by intelligence and includes training, consulting, and response capabilities that enable you to:

  • Prepare: Make proactive decisions before a crisis impacts your people or operations with world-class intelligence and actionable insights delivered straight to you and your travelers, 24/7/365. Informed employees, well-established safety and security policies, and a strong Incident Management Plan are critical when crises arise.
  • Monitor: Gain visibility into ongoing global threats and the exposure of your people, receive early warning of disruptions, and help travelers avoid or minimize risks to their safety and productivity. Organizations also can use this information to place restrictions on employee travel to high-risk areas of the world.
  • Respond: Know where your employees are so that you can quickly locate, contact, and assist them around the globe through patented technology and corporate risk management protocols unique to your organization’s needs.
  • Learn: Use simulations, scenarios, post-event analysis, and training to refine the practices and policies that keep your people safe while traveling. Provide your staff with knowledge and skills to increase their understanding of safety and situational awareness whether they are across the country or around the world.


Operate Globally with Confidence

WorldAware’s intelligence-driven TRM solutions alert multinational organizations and millions of travelers and expatriates about the likelihood of disruptive events before they occur. Dashboards that visualize threat exposures to your people, two-way communications, and a 24/7 hotline mean you can forewarn your people and respond quickly to those who are in need of assistance.

Combining the best of WorldAware’s world-class intelligence, award-winning technologies, and global response services, our corporate travel risk management solutions help you optimize your risk management policy and business continuity program, giving you a competitive advantage in today’s dynamic risk environment. WorldAware’s end-to-end solutions allow you to:

  • Take a proactive approach to travel risk management
  • Comply with your duty of care requirements
  • Reduce the number of travel-related incidents
  • Decrease operational risks and costs while improving employee peace of mind


Travel Risk Management Programs That Fit Your Organization

Whether you are building a new TRM program or restructuring an existing one, WorldAware’s experts can help build an effective program that reflects your organization’s unique culture, policies and practices. Our end-to-end solution includes:

  • Evaluation of any current TRM processes, including gaps, strengths, and weaknesses
  • Program definition
  • Communication, consulting, and training
  • Automated risk monitoring
  • Online intelligence, mapping, and dashboards
  • Global assistance and response

When the unpredictable happens, immediate notification provides employees, travel managers, and security personnel with the information and advice they need to respond quickly, reducing risks and costs.

WorldAware’s travel risk management solutions will properly equip your organization with the tools and information needed to keep your travelers safe. Our preparation, monitoring, communications, and training capabilities will help you protect your most valuable asset: your people.

Your employees are at the heart of your organization.

How do you protect them from crime, terrorism, kidnapping, and natural disaster risks? WorldAware offers tailored travel risk management solutions that fit with your business including training, traveler tracking, and access to crisis support specialists.