WorldAware has built its reputation on foreseeing risk and clearly defining effective strategies and responses to protect employees, business continuity, your supply chain, and facility operations. Our integrated risk management (IRM) programs combine world-class intelligence, cutting-edge technology, repeatable methodologies, and response operations to help clients “see around the corner” and strengthen their ability to proactively mitigate operational risks.

WorldAware’s experts develop roadmaps to building mature strategies and programs, enabling clients to prepare for, monitor, and respond to threats that could impact their people or operations across the world. Our programs include:

  • Benchmarking: We evaluate your risk management and resiliency programs, identify gaps, and strengthen weaknesses to ensure your organization is safeguarded from potential threats.
  • Data Consulting: We analyze, enrich, and monitor data for improved risk management.
  • Dedicated Resources: We partner with your organization to provide ongoing support to your risk management program.
  • Distributed Security Operations: We can provide intelligence and security experts to complement your Security Operations Center (SOC), supplementing your capabilities with ours, remotely or on premises.
  • Response Operations: When crisis strikes, our dedicated response team is ready to stand by your side.
  • Program Support: We serve as your trusted advisor for developing a new integrated risk management program or strengthening an existing one.
  • Training and Consulting: We provide essential risk management training to ensure employees, managers, and senior leaders can effectively prepare for, monitor, and respond to domestic or global threats.

Find out how our modular and scalable approach to delivering tailored risk management solutions can support your organization in the Risk Management Programs brochure.


IRM Benefits

An end-to-end approach to IRM will create a risk-aware culture that improves decision making and performance, helping your organization manage its unique set of risks. WorldAware can work with you to create an integrated risk management program customized for your business that delivers peace of mind and lets your business operate with confidence.

Once risks are identified, prioritized, and clearly documented, it’s important to revisit them at regular intervals. Because existing risks can change and new risks can develop, business continuity processes must be adjusted appropriately.

A strong IRM solution brings together all areas of risk effectively and efficiently, providing a consistent overview of risks, economies of scale, and efficiencies in treating risk. This enables your organization to see the big picture and make informed, strategic decisions regarding risk.