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Hurricane Matthew made an initial landfall on the western tip of Haiti's Tiburon Peninsula early Oct. 4. Heavy rainfall has caused widespread flooding across southern parts of the country. The heaviest rainfall and winds subsided in the country during the day Oct. 5; however, excessive runoff, flooding, and landslides will likely be protracted threats.

Both Toussaint Louverture (PAP) and Hugo Chavez (CAP) international airports closed as of 0600 Oct. 3. The airports were originally slated to reopen early Oct. 5, though no official announcements on the operational status of the airports have been released.

Stay away from rivers, streams, steeply sloped terrain, and other areas that may be vulnerable to flooding and landslides. Seek updated information on road conditions before driving; some roads could be closed for days. Use extreme caution in elevated areas and around waterways due to the high potential for severe flooding and landslides. Plan accordingly for protracted commercial, transport, and logistics disruptions. Charge battery-powered devices if electricity is available; restrict the use of cellular phones to emergencies only. Power down mobile devices when not in use. Observe strict food and water precautions; outbreaks of cholera and other waterborne diseases are possible. To the extent possible, avoid contact with floodwaters.

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