Improving an organization's response to events and critical situations is a challenge all leaders face.

The capability to respond to an event in a rapid and effective manner is essential to every organization. By gaining the actionable intelligence you need from an after-action review (AAR), informed decisions can be made to ensure risks are managed, operations can continue, and your people are safe.

In this guide you'll learn how to use an after-action review to:

  • Analyze an event to determine strengths and improvement areas of your crisis response plan
  • Understand an entire situation from multiple viewpoints
  • Improve your organization's critical response processes

Access the AAR Best Practices guide.


WorldAware Can Assist With Your AAR Process

Once risks are identified, prioritized, and clearly documented in the after-action review, it’s important to revisit them at regular intervals. Because existing risks can change and new risks can develop, business continuity processes must be adjusted appropriately. WorldAware has built its reputation on foreseeing risk and clearly defining effective strategies and responses to protect business continuity, your supply chain, and facility operations. Our integrated risk management programs combine world-class intelligence, cutting-edge technology, repeatable methodologies, and response operations to help clients “see around the corner” and strengthen their ability to proactively mitigate operational risks. WorldAware can work with you to create an integrated risk management program that includes an after-action review strategy customized for your business that delivers peace of mind and lets your business operate with confidence.