The 2019 Atlantic hurricane season has already set one record. For the fifth consecutive year, a storm has formed prior to the official start of the hurricane season. The previous record was set in 1954 when there were four consecutive years with pre-season storms. Another interesting trend is the lack of storms this summer. The month between Hurricane Barry and Tropical Storm Chantal was the longest stretch of inactivity since 1982.

Access the peak season forecast to learn other interesting facts about this hurricane season and what to expect for the climatological peak season.

Historically, more than 80% of hurricane activity has occurred after August 15. Meteorologists consider mid-September as the climatological peak of hurricane season, so it's important to monitor forecasts to prepare for storm activity.

In the Peak Hurricane Season Forecast, you'll learn:

  • What to expect over the next several months
  • The four factors influencing storm development this season
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