December 19, 2013

ANNAPOLIS, MD – December 19, 2013 – iJET International, Inc. (iJET), a leading operational risk management solutions provider, today announced that the company successfully conducted an air evacuation December 18th and is continuing to provide additional emergency response assistance to clients remaining in South Sudan. 

iJET’s 24x7 Intelligence and Global Response Operations monitored the rising tensions in South Sudan as they emerged early last week. iJET provided ongoing alerts, updates and safety advice to clients, ensuring clients had up-to-the moment insights in a highly fluid and hostile environment. With a degrading security situation including an imposed curfew and the closing of Juba International Airport, iJET planned and conducted an evacuation using light-aircraft on Wednesday, December 18th within three hours of the reopening of Juba’s airport, enabling iJET’s clientsto be one of the first groups safely evacuated.

iJET is continuing to monitor the South Sudan situation and is coordinating on-the-ground resources in support of clients. iJET is currently advising organizations with operational assets, travelers and expatriates in the region to heed the following advice:

  • Defer all nonessential travel to South Sudan.
  • Review and communicate contingency plans and maintain contact with your diplomatic mission.


About iJET International
iJET International (iJET) provides intelligence-driven operational risk management solutions to enable multinational companies and government organizations to operate globally with confidence. iJET’s end-to-end, tailored solution integrates world-class threat intelligence, innovative technology and global response services that helps enterprises protect their people and operational assets and mitigate operational risk. Founded in 1999, iJET is a private company headquartered in Annapolis, MD with offices in London and Singapore.

Media Contact:
Amy Mininger