September 10, 2012

Company Highlights Value of Proactive Approach to Assistance

PHILADELPHIA, PA (September 10, 2012) – iJET International, a leading provider of global intelligence and business resiliency services, today announced expanded global response services at the ASIS International 58th Annual Seminar and Exhibits. Encompassing both reactive and proactive assistance, the Worldcue®24 and Worldcue® Assist services are designed to help multinational organizations better monitor and assist travelers, expatriates and local personnel navigating an increasingly risky global operating environment.

iJET’s Worldcue24 emergency hotline service provides one place for employees to call for travel, health and security issues from anywhere in the world. Utilizing a dedicated phone line and custom client protocols, Worldcue24 reinforces each organization’s own policies and program branding.

Worldcue Assist delivers a range of services, from securing on-the-ground support services through incident management and response. Worldcue Assist offers a dedicated global emergency hotline with case management of travel, health and security incidents; proactive monitoring of critical threats to an organization’s traveling employees; and a wellness check-in serve to confirm the safety of client employees.

“For many employers, simply responding to travel, health and security emergencies is no longer enough,” said John Rose, COO of iJET. “Today’s multinational organizations are embracing a proactive approach, instead. Predictive intelligence, monitoring services and wellness check-ins all help to reduce the number and impact of disruptions, better protecting employees and employers alike.”
For over a decade, iJET has delivered a growing set of response consulting services, aiding clients in emergency response program development, training, drills and exercises.

iJET will be discussing its global response services, previewing the Worldcue® Mobile TRAVELER app for traveling personnel, demonstrating Worldcue® risk management product suite and showcasing iJET University at Booth #603 at ASIS 2012, held September 10-13 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Designed to prepare and protect client’s people and operations, iJET’s risk management solutions enable organizations to monitor and assess threats across the globe; immediately determine their impact on travelers, expatriates and operations; and communicate and respond to threats at a moment’s notice.

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About iJET International
iJET International, Inc. (iJET) is an intelligence-driven provider of business resiliency and risk management solutions to over 500 multinational corporations and government organizations – helping them survive and thrive amidst global threats to their people, facilities and supply chain assets. iJET's team of world-class intelligence analysts and patented Worldcue® Global Control Center technology solutions equip decision-makers and organizations with real-time information to anticipate, respond to and emerge from business disruptions with a competitive edge. For more information about iJET, visit: