September 23, 2015

The Integrated Risk Management Leader Extends Access to Client Employees, Whether Traveling or at Home, Worldwide with 24/7 Access

ANNAPOLIS, MD (September 23, 2015) – iJET International, Inc., a leading provider of integrated risk management solutions, announces today that it has extended access to its best-in-class intelligence information and advice with the new All Employee Access feature of its Worldcue® Mobile TRAVELER app. This expanded access allows the mobile app to be accessible beyond travelers so that all employees throughout the client organization have access to critical location intelligence and assistance in times of need.

“iJET understands that more than just the traveler population needs access to critical information that iJET provides,” said iJET Product Manager, Caitlin McVeigh.  “Our All Employee Access mobile-first platform is built to empower everyone in an organization to make informed decisions, avoid risky situations and to have access to assistance, whether at home or abroad.”

Product Features Supporting All Employee Access in Worldcue Mobile TRAVELER 2.0:

  • All Employee Access – now available for your employees at their at home location, not just while on travel or assignment
  • Multilingual Navigation – eight (8) application navigation languages including, English, Japanese, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, UK English, and German
  • Important Notices – share customer generated location-specific notices in any language
  • Support Hotline – access to 24x7 assistance, worldwide
  • Worldcue® Translator – provides employees with easy access to a bi-directional translator tool, including access to over 20,000 phrases across 23 different languages and access to both a live and machine translator

When: These features are available today as an upgrade to iJET’s existing Worldcue services.

Download the latest Worldcue Mobile TRAVELER update here: Android Google Play Market and Apple iTunes App Store.

Video Update:  Click here to learn more about the latest updates to Worldcue Mobile TRAVELER 2.0 and other planned enhancements for iJET’s mobile solutions.

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iJET International (iJET) provides intelligence-driven, integrated risk management solutions that enable multinational organizations to operate globally with confidence. iJET’s end-to-end, tailored solutions integrate world-class threat intelligence, innovative technology, and response services to help organizations avoid threats, mitigate risk and protect their people, assets, and reputation. Founded in 1999, iJET is a privately held company headquartered in Annapolis, US with offices in London and Singapore.  For more information, please visit

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