May 07, 2015

24/7 Commitment During Crisis through Response and Preparedness Planning for the Future

ANNAPOLIS (May 7, 2015)iJET International, Inc. (iJET), a leading integrated risk management solutions provider continues to supply resources on the ground in Nepal to transport, safeguard and evacuate people impacted by the 7.8-magnitude earthquake that occurred on April 26, 2015.

When the earthquake hit, client alerts and protocols were initiated from iJET’s Global Integrated Operations Center. Hour one, iJET put its Incident Management Team on alert and prepared to support impacted clients and organizations. The team immediately worked with ground partners to establish safe havens, conduct route surveys and begin planning to recover and assist people countrywide with evacuation or emergency relocation. Integrated risk management efforts, included: 

  • Situational Assessment: scrubbing lists of impacted personnel for all information that could help verify proof of life and establish communication.
  • Enable Safety Check-in Protocols:  establishing an electronic lifeline for people, even for those stranded in remote villages like the Himalaya Mountain area.
  • Communications and Transportation Monitoring:  enabling electronic methods, and in some cases, ground note-passing to make contact to arrange safe havens and transport.
  • Safe-haven and Evacuation:  removing people from crisis zones to safety (see sample evacuation scenarios section below).
  • Critical Intelligence Alerts:  Monitoring post-disaster law-and-order conditions and threats, as well as, providing ground-related, health-related advice.

To date, iJET successfully evacuated people from over 24 locations within impacted areas.
Click here to view a map of these locations.

“During crisis, we help clients address their issues to minimize risk at a reasonable cost, while taking proactive measures to take action, when needed. We are helping clients avoid, mitigate or eliminate risks.  At the end of the day, we want to see them get home safely,” says George Taylor, iJET’s VP of Global Operations.

Sample iJET Evacuation Scenarios in Devastated Nepal

In the Himalayas mountain region, a student required helicopter evacuation to the nearby village of Lukla until weather conditions made further transportation possible. iJET was able to establish a safety check-in plan via SMS with the student. She was transported by vehicle convoy to Kathmandu the following day, a 107 mile journey. Due to overwhelmed commercial airlines, she spent the night in a hotel in Kathmandu until she could fly home the next day. iJET in-country security teams provided secure transportation to the airport, provided expedited flight check-in and maintained a presence at the airport until 30 minutes after flight departure to ensure the flight was able to successfully clear Nepal airspace.

I want to extend a heartfelt thank you for all that you have done,” said a university administrator who was evacuated from Nepal.  “Despite it being a pleasure working with you, I hope you understand when I say that I hope we never have to work together again.”

In the southeast village of Dhulikhel, a person was stranded without a cellphone. Through note passing with other nearby students, iJET was able to initiate contact with her and establish an electronic leash for safety check-ins using other students’ phones. iJET’s global operations team setup refuge for her with a local French expatriate until evacuation plans could be implemented. Local roads were compromised by a landslide and though she had a plane ticket home, she was not able to make her original flight. iJET worked with their incident management team on the ground to seek out alternate routes to safely transport her to Kathmandu airport the following day with a new plane ticket for a commercial flight home.

So far, iJET has assisted a wide range of universities and multinational organizations, including a number of non-client organizations referred by insurance partners because of iJET’s expertise and reputation for industry-leading intelligence and safe and efficient response services.  More evacuation scenarios and details are available here.

Intelligent Planning for the Future

iJET’s teams have identified 10 cities with populations over 1 million people located in seismically active zones, which are likely to face the same challenges in the wake of a destructive quake. To identify these cities, we looked for locations with a combination of legacy infrastructure, ineffective or inefficient governments, cumbersome regulatory environments and uneven economic development. Given the likely extent of damage to infrastructure in these cities, business operations would be interrupted for a period of days to months. As a result, businesses operating in these cities are advised to create and implement proactive plans for ensuring employee safety and business continuity following natural disasters in these cities.  To review the list of cities identified with similar risk profiles to Katmandu, Nepal with regards to the possibility of significant damage from seismic activity complicated by difficult recovery conditions, please click here visit our resource page.

For Assistance:  iJET existing clients, please use your established security protocols and client dedicated hotline number to contact iJET for assistance. Communicate via SMS to +1 443 758 3686, if necessary. If you are not an existing client, we can work with you to put in place a contract to provide mitigation advice or evacuation support.  Please contact our Response Operation Center (ROC) hotline directly at +1 443 716 2419 or Our expert ROC coordinators will triage your needs and establish a plan for assistance.

About iJET International
iJET International (iJET) provides intelligence-driven, integrated risk management solutions that enable multinational organizations to operate globally with confidence. iJET’s end-to-end, tailored solutions integrate world-class threat intelligence, innovative technology, and response services to help organizations avoid threats, mitigate risk and protect their people, assets, and reputation. Founded in 1999, iJET is a privately held company headquartered in Annapolis, US with offices in London and Singapore.  For more information about iJET International, Inc. please visit or to learn more about iJET’s mission and vision click here to view this video.

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