January 01, 2015

What: iJET is pleased to introduce enhancements to the Worldcue® Mobile TRAVELER 2.0 App and Worldcue Global Control Center products. Additionally, Global Operations has added new security services to enhance the ability of organizations to avoid threats and mitigate risks.

NEW Products:
Global Operations Security Critical Trac™

Subscription based service that provides real time, continuous GPS tracking of employees and assets in high-risk or remote locations. Critical Trac allows organizations to send people to unique work environments with greater peace of mind.

Global Operations Security Critical Monitor
Subscription based service where iJET’s operations staff proactively monitors every critical alert on behalf of an organization. The iJET team will alert companies based on pre-determined protocols and provide threat avoidance and risk mitigation advice as part of the service. Requires enrollment in iJET's Worldcue® TRAVELER and/or Expatriate Management.

Product Updates:
Worldcue® Mobile TRAVELER 2.0 App

  • Multilingual Intelligence. Critical and warning alerts and destination intelligence are now available in Japanese if the default phone setting is set to Japanese.
  • Multilingual Navigation. In addition to English and Japanese, iJET added additional navigation languages: French, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin and UK English, based on the default language system setting.
  • Multilingual Content. Important Notices, every organization's custom content, can now be created and shared with employees in multiple languages.
  • Worldcue® Translator. Provides employees with easy access to a bi-directional translator tool, including access to over 20,000 phrases across 23 different languages and access to both a live and machine translator.
  • Bug Fixes. Login after timeout is no longer required for access to Hotline, Crisis or Check in buttons as well as intelligence content.

Worldcue Global Control Center (GCC)

  • Multilingual Content. Welcome Emails and Important Notices can now be created using multilingual content.

When: Services available now.

Download the latest Worldcue Mobile TRAVELER update here: Android Google Play Market and Apple iTunes App Store

For more information please contact: Ryan Vaughan – 202-292-4575 or