September 08, 2017

iJET International Continues Active Operations in the Caribbean in the wake of Hurricane Irma, Stands Ready to Assist Clients on the U.S. Mainland


iJET International, Inc. is currently engaged in supporting clients affected by Hurricane Irma, including conducting evacuations from the Caribbean and readying resources to respond to needs on the United States East Coast.

On Tuesday, September 5, iJET coordinated evacuations from the Dominican Republic, Turks and Caicos and other locations, in advance of Hurricane Irma’s arrival. In the aftermath of the hurricane, a ground team has been mobilized and a forward command post established in Antigua.

Led by a team of former UK special forces and other emergency response personnel on the ground, the ground team is providing around-the-clock guidance and will conduct the following efforts to facilitate the extraction and safe return of client personnel, students and university administrators:

  • Search and rescue, and evacuation from affected islands to Antigua via air (fixed and rotary wing) and sea assets.
  • Connection with medical professionals for those injured and unable to seek treatment after the storm.
  • Re-establishment of communications between evacuees and their loved ones and employers/universities.
  • Coordination of transportation home following safe arrival in Antigua.

 “iJET is committed to doing everything possible to assist its clients, and establishing a team on the ground will allow us to quickly locate and transport those stranded by this devastating storm to safety and their worried loved ones waiting back home,” said George Taylor, vice president of Global Operations at iJET International.

In addition, iJET has stood up an Incident Management Team and activated its Response Operations Center surge plan in preparation of Hurricane Irma striking the U.S. mainland this weekend. “As Hurricane Irma edges closer to the contiguous United States and other storms in the Atlantic gain momentum, our team will continue to closely monitor and advise our clients so that they can be prepared and will, of course, be ready to respond, if needed,” added Taylor.

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