Over the past several week's demonstrations to end police brutality have surged across Nigeria. Many of these protests have focused on the Special Anti-Robbery Service, a unit of the Nigerian police. Controversy has surrounded SARS in recent years due to alleged heavy-handed responses and criminality.  The "End SARS" protests have grown to cover various issues. Some of these issues include bad governance and corruption. These factors have contributed to more protests, which are generally popular in many parts of Nigeria.

In recent days, government authorities have deployed members of the armed forces to disperse protesters in Abuja. Protestors have faced increased levels of violence in recent days, with escalation occurring on October 20th when security forces allegedly shot and killed an unconfirmed number of protests. Many Nigerians have condemned the government's response, which has led to pressure on Abuja to navigate out of the crisis. These protests continue to degenerate into worsening violence. Contributing factors include the shooting of protests by security forces in Lagos, attacks on government and symbolic buildings of all kinds, and several high-profile prison breaks. These events have contributed to an unstable situation.



Listen to Stephen Rakowski as he discusses the recent bouts of violent unrest that have happened across Nigeria. He also provides insight into what organizations should keep in mind, which include avoiding areas that are previously affected by violence, staying away from large crowds where there is a concentration of police, the importance of not recording demonstrations, and the importance of informing employees by briefing them about the situation.

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