The extradition law bill has become a lightning rod for discontent among some segments of Hong Kong society that believe that Chinese influence is eroding the territory's freedoms. The government maintains the reforms are necessary to close loopholes in Hong Kong's existing extradition treaties and to prevent the city from acting as a haven for mainland Chinese criminals. Opponents of the proposed changes to the extradition law fear the amendments would allow human rights abuses and undermine Hong Kong's judicial system. The government's perceived inflexibility suggests that protests could continue for several more weeks.

Mainstream activist groups in Hong Kong are announcing well-attended and largely peaceful demonstrations in advance. However, protests have also taken the form of smaller demonstrations organized online. Although smaller, these demonstrations are also more volatile, with gatherings often occurring at police stations where arrested protesters are held.

Anti-extradition protests in Hong Kong have taken three distinct forms:

  • Large rallies that are announced in advance
  • Smaller demonstrations organized online
  • General strikes that prompt city-wide business and transportation disruptions

Visitors to Hong Kong should avoid all demonstrations as a precaution, and increase caution around police stations and other government facilities where unannounced demonstrations may occur. Visitors should continue to monitor relevant political developments, especially additional calls for general strikes. Make allowances for business and transport disruptions if general strikes are held. 

Listen in as Brendan O'Reilly, Intelligence Analyst, and Hugh Dunleavy, SVP of Global Assistance and Response, provide a briefing on the current situation in the Hong Kong region. 


Tourists have primarily been impacted by the Aug. 5 general strike, which caused widespread business and transportation disruptions throughout Hong Kong. While many of the protests are also disruptive, they tend to cause more localized ground transport disruptions, such as police barricades and roadblocks. Travelers should continue to monitor relevant developments in Hong Kong and confirm travel arrangements if organizers launch additional strikes.

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