LGBTQ rights in India have been decriminalized since the repeal of Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code. Although homosexuality is now legal, rights such as same-sex marriages and adoptions are not. If you look at the journey of LGBTQ rights in India as a process, beginning with total social and legal intolerance ranging to complete tolerance, the next feasible step is that these individuals would need further and comprehensive protection. From there, inclusion and tolerance could flourish. The acceptance level in India varies greatly among LGBTQ community sub-groups. In order to forecast the likely social acceptance and tolerance of LGBTQ individuals in India, it’s crucial to understand each issue in its constituent parts. Listen to this podcast from intelligence analysts Sophia Bayles and Jessika Turner to understand how the level of LGBTQ social acceptance in India is generally improving but remains inconsistent.



WorldAware releases periodic intelligence aimed to assess the risk of personnel becoming victim to an anti-LGBTQ hate crime or harassment. The reports evaluate global attitudes, events, and issues that have the potential to affect the safety of LGBTQ persons. These LGBTQ-friendly resources are produced to support corporate decision-makers, travel managers, corporate security personnel, and human resources personnel as they develop standardized security precautions and company response infrastructure to ensure the safe travel of their employees. Learn more about threat awareness and analysis for LGBTQ individuals.


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