Advanced technology use is becoming prevalent with food manufacturers, automotive organizations, and other non-technical fields. Technology has improved product safety over the years, but the technology is only as good as the people behind it. Listen as WorldAware's Chief Security Officer discusses the role of technology in Contaminated Product Insurance (CPI), and more specifically, the automotive and foodstuffs industries. In this podcast, you'll learn: 

  • What cybersecurity means in the CPI industry
  • How technology is creeping into our daily transportation
  • Dangers of relying too heavily on technology for daily tasks
  • What organizations can do to protect their technology



A downfall of organizations is becoming too reliant on an IoT infrastructure to complete tasks. The internet may be vulnerable in some areas to outages, and apps need to be updated for bug fixes and security patches. If these are not updated on devices, they could be left vulnerable to failure and intrusion. Sensors in the technology should be calibrated and checked regularly for reliability. Maintenance of advanced tech can be costly and complex. Data gathered from these devices and apps need to be meaningfully analyzed to get the best results. If someone is not well trained on the systems or misses anomalies and patterns, disruptions in processes may be seen.


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