Dedicated intelligence analysts are experts that can support client-specific needs and are embedded in a single organization. They focus on an organization’s specific risk profile, vulnerabilities, business continuity needs, business requirements, and culture, and as an extension of our intelligence team, extensive support from a variety of subject matter experts. These dedicated intelligence analysts, vetted and trained just like our own analysts, can work within an organization's Security Operations Center or virtually from one of WorldAware's integrated operations centers to provide an expanded range of tailored intelligence services focused on critical security needs.

As an example, a manufacturing company required operational and member safety support, as well as travel, asset, and emergency risk management services, on an ongoing basis. Realizing that travel risk management was not a core competency, the client agreed to outsource all travel risk management (TRM) functions to WorldAware. Since then, WorldAware has provided all resources relevant to TRM, including a dedicated program manager and analytical support.

Listen to find out how a dedicated intelligence analyst may be beneficial to your organization.



Having a dedicated intelligence analyst(s) can offer the following benefits:

  • Identification and assessment of threats to your operations, assets, and personnel
  • Bespoke intelligence specifically tailored to your organization
  • Regularly scheduled briefings that capture major incidents that affect your business & your employees
  • Ad-hoc in-depth analysis on selected locations relevant to your location needs
  • Provide location-based reporting for executive travelers, advance intelligence reporting, expat assignments, and more


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