In a new podcast episode of On-Air with WorldAware, Tarryn Christians, an intelligence analyst for the Americas, discusses the investigation into eight American deaths in the Dominican Republic as well as tens of reported illnesses this year. Christians relays locations where these events have occurred, provides the WorldAware security risk rating for the Dominican Republic, and talks about the most common type of crime seen in the region. WorldAware experts also give safety advice for personnel traveling to the country.

It is important for those traveling to the Dominican Republic on a long-term assignment to make sure they have the dedicated hotline number easily accessible to receive around-the-clock support. Knowing local laws, the resources available, and potential threats can mitigate travel risk. Listen in for protective measures your personnel can take if operating in or traveling to the country.

(Length: 9:24)


WorldAware issues Country Security Assessment Ratings (CSAR) and for every country around the world. Risk criteria that go into the CSAR rating, which can be applied at a country or city level, are based on the following six parameters.

  • Crime
  • Security services
  • Civil unrest
  • Terrorism
  • Kidnapping
  • Geopolitical stability

WorldAware rates the security threats on a 5-tier scale of minimal to severe. The majority of countries in the Caribbean are rated as having a low threat level. The Dominican Republic has a slightly higher security assessment rating, landing at a three on our scale. The country is indicated as having a moderate security risk rating. This is largely due to the higher prevalence of crime. 


Regional Intelligence Analyst for the Americas

Tarryn Christians is from South Africa, currently residing in Cape Town, and has previously lived in Argentina. Prior to joining Worldaware, she conducted research for transformation in higher education for two South African universities. Tarryn holds an undergraduate degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics and a postgraduate degree in Political Science from the University of Cape Town.


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