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Transportation UPDATE 3: Limited number of flights to resume at Chennai International Airport (MAA) in India at 0600 Dec. 5; extensive flight delays likely to continue.

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This alert affects Chennai, Tamil Nadu State - alert began 04 Dec 2015 15:13 GMT and is scheduled to expire 07 Dec 2015 23:59 GMT.

  • Event: Partial resumption of flight operations
  • Location: Chennai International Airport (MAA)
  • Time/Date: 0600 Dec. 5

Updated Information
The Airports Authority of India (AAI) announced Dec.4 that partial flight operations will resume at Chennai International Airport (MAA) on the morning of Dec. 5 (map). Flight departures and arrivals will only take place from 0600 until sundown at approximately 1741. The AAI also stated that the runway has been cleared for landings and departures after inspections were carried out by officials and technical experts. Authorities have not provided detailed information on which flights and airlines will be affected by the partial resumption of service.  Extensive flight delays will likely continue for at least several days after operations at MAA resume, as the backlog in stranded passengers is cleared. Airlines will also need to reposition aircraft to resume normal flight schedules.

Confirm all flights once partial operations at MAA resume Dec. 5. Do not check out of accommodations until onward travel is verified. Consider rearranging flights to BLR or TIR, or postponing nonessential travel until flooding subsides and the backlog of flights is cleared.

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Brussels Readiness Level Increased (ALERT) while Security Response Continues Across France. iJET is supporting clients with secure transportation and providing senior executives with security escorts.  Please submit inquiries to

iJET SPECIAL REPORT - Nov 20: Ongoing Large-Scale Response to Paris Attacks Unlikely to Lead to Significant Operational Disruptions; Security Situation Tense but Stable 

Security: UPDATE 3: Large-scale security operation in Saint-Denis, northern suburb of Paris, France, ends midday Nov. 18. Protracted traffic delays likely in the area.

This alert affects Paris

This alert began 18 Nov 2015 12:14 GMT and is scheduled to expire 18 Nov 2015 23:59 GMT.

  • Incident: End of security operation
  • Location: Northern Paris suburb of Saint-Denis
  • Time/Date: Midday Nov. 18
  • Impact: Tight security, localized road closures and traffic disruptions

Updated Information
A large-scale security operation in Saint-Denis, northern suburb of Paris ended at around midday Nov. 18 (map). Police contingents are likely to remain in the area, as the situation is stabilized and investigations continue. Protracted traffic disruptions are possible across the Saint-Denis, particularly on Rue de la Republique and Rue Corbillon, and the adjacent routes. Reports suggest police are attempting to enter the Saint-Denis church, located few meter away from the apartment block where the stand-off with several suspects had taken place. Authorities may conduct raids of other district buildings in an effort to secure and clear the area. Issued evacuations orders could remain in place though late afternoon.

Paris transport operator RATP has confirmed that the rail station Gare Saint-Denis has been opened. Traffic on Metro Line 13 temporarily suspended between Saint Denis Universite and Carrefour Pleyel resumed; the route may operate with some delays for the remaining of the afternoon, as schedules normalize. Bus and Metro lines servicing Saint-Denis remain un-operational; diversions and schedule alterations are possible for these services though late Nov. 18 until traffic is fully restored.

The operation in Saint-Denis suburb began at around 0430 CET with the focus of apprehending suspects involved in the Nov. 13-14 deadly terror attacks that occurred in Paris. Early morning, heavy gunfire and multiple explosions have been reported in the vicinity of an apartment block located at the intersection of Rue de la Republique and Rue Corbillon, where a during a stand-off between intervention forces and at least four suspects barricaded in an apartment. Upon the completion of the operation, French officials have confirmed that a woman has detonated her explosive suicide vest inside the apartment and another suspect was shot during the operation. According to French Prosecutor, three men were arrested inside the building and another man and a woman were detained outside the building, including the apartment's alleged owner.

Avoid the affected area until authorities issued an all clear for the area. Plan for localized road closures and traffic disruptions through at least early afternoon Nov. 18. Carry proper identification and travel documents at all times. Heed the instructions of authorities; remain calm and cooperative if stopped and questioned by law enforcement officers. Allow additional time if travelling to the Paris Roissy-Charles de Gaulle (CDG) and Le Bourget (LBG) airports.


Multiple Attacks Update 6 - Paris, France

Alert Type: Daily Intelligence Brief
Last Updated: November 17, 2015
Gist: Mass Security Response Continues in Paris and Nationwide

A massive security operation is ongoing amid a state of increased security following several attacks that took place in Paris late Nov. 13-early Nov. 14 ( map). Major developments include the following:

Investigation:Police are continuing their investigation into the seven perpetrators of the attacks. Searches are ongoing for at least one additional suspect. Authorities have gradually released information concerning the attackers, although some initial reports concerning their identities and backgrounds have been retracted. The Islamic State (IS) jihadist group has claimed responsibility for the attacks. Police in Belgium have also conducted a number of raids since Nov. 14, with at least seven people detained. A large-scale security operation took place the morning of Nov. 16 in the Sint-Jans-Molenbeek district of Brussels; official reports indicate the operation was specifically targeting the suspect who remains free and those connected to him. One individual was reportedly arrested during the raid.
State of Emergency:The nationwide state of emergency that President Francois Hollande declared shortly after the attacks remains in effect. The declaration affords police more powers and could allow for restrictions on movement or assembly. The duration of the state of emergency remains unknown; unconfirmed reports suggest that Hollande will ask Parliament for a three-month extension.
Security Operations:Police conducted raids in more than 160 locations across France overnight Nov. 15-16; more than 100 people have been placed under house arrest, 23 individuals taken into custody, and dozens of weapons seized. Further raids are likely. Localized transport disruptions and road closures are possible in areas where operations take place.
Border Status:France's international borders remain open and Channel crossings operational; however, the government has reinstituted strict border controls. Searches of incoming and outgoing vehicles will likely continue to cause extensive delays at all crossings.
Airspace:French airspace remains open. Operations at Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) are continuing; however, delays are likely at CDG and at other airports due to heightened security, including extensive screening measures.
Public Transport:Traffic has returned to normal on all metro, RER, bus, tramway, and Transilien SNCF lines. However, sporadic disruptions could recur due to security operations or scares.

iJET Analysis: Expect a heightened security presence across central Paris as authorities search for any perpetrators and accomplices that may remain at large. Authorities will likely storm the residences and/or hideouts of suspects during their investigations, prompting manhunts, area lockdowns, and transport disruptions in Paris and other locations across the country. Officials have increased security around all vital installations, including airports, train stations, bus terminals, and nuclear power plants across France. Some 1,500 soldiers have been called in as reinforcements and have been observed conducting armed patrols throughout Paris. Both authorities and the local population are hypervigilant, and seemingly innocuous incidents could prompt a sudden and large response by security forces. An initial imposition of a state of emergency can last up to 12 days per French law. The measure gives police exceptional legal authority and removes legal barriers to execute searches of private property. In addition, the movement of all civilians, including cargo vehicles, could be restricted. All potential protest actions are suspended under the state of emergency; however, a significant solidarity movement will likely form, and may prompt mass rallies and marches as soon as security conditions are relaxed. While the identity of the assailants remains unknown, the attacks could also prompt retaliatory acts against Muslim cultural centers, places of worship, or areas with large immigrant or refugee communities. Other Western European countries may bolster security as the investigation progresses in the coming days, including increasing security warning levels and implementing border controls.

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