March 06, 2017

When you're preoccupied with packing, navigating airport security and collecting local currency for an upcoming trip to a far-flung locale, it's easy to overlook standard health and safety measures. But with a variety of travel risks out there – from theft and cybercrime to Zika and terrorism – it's vital to stay informed and exercise vigilance to steer clear of harm's way. Use these expert-approved tricks while jet-setting abroad to avoid stressful and dangerous situations. 

  • Discuss with family and friends what they should do in the event you are involved in a terrorist situation. Do this also with your trip companions.
  • Maintain a low profile; avoid dress and behavior identifying you as an obvious foreigner.
  • Visit a travel specialist or doctor prior to departure to discuss the relative threat of Zika at your destination. This is especially important if you are pregnant or may become pregnant while traveling.
  • Partners of pregnant women who have traveled to an area with ongoing Zika virus transmission may wish to consult their medical providers for further information and advice.

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