September 23, 2020

The Company Dime recently featured WorldAware's latest regional COVID-19 intelligence briefing, a status update on the Americas region, presented by WorldAware's Senior Intelligence Manager and Americas regional expert, Michael Baney

Brazil’s federal government remains committed to prioritizing the economy over public health.
-Michael Baney, WorldAware's Senior Intelligence Manager

During the briefing, Baney shares overall trends for the US and major Latin American countries include inconsistent progress on containing the virus and reopening economies. Most countries either plan to lift international travel requirements, or have already done so. The US recently lifted requirements specifying where incoming international flights could land, but continues to ban non-resident foreign nationals who in the past 14 days have been in certain countries and regions including the EU Schengen area. Brazil lifted flight restrictions but has implemented requirements for incoming non-resident foreign nationals. While Mexico never banned international flights, Peru plans to end their international flight ban in October, "however, we expect flights will be quite limited," Baney shares.

Transmission activity continues to remain high for the Americas region overall. In the US, virus hotspots have now shifted to the Midwest. In Mexico, transmission activity has been difficult to track due to the country's "spectacularly low rate of testing" which has left the country "flying blind due to a lack of good data," says Baney. Both Mexico and Peru have some of the world's highest fatality rates from the virus. In Brazil, the federal government “remains committed to prioritizing the economy over public health.” For Chile, transmission rates remain "stubbornly high" despite the country's "technocratic approach," said Baney.

Across the region, governments are seeking to ease international commercial travel restrictions due to relatively lower infection rates from their peak levels, however, WorldAware analysts forecast the effects of these changes will be nominal.


The on-demand intelligence briefing, recorded September 17, provided an update on cases, transmission activity, status of COVID-19-related restrictions, analysis of government response to the pandemic, and near-term outlooks for the US, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, and Peru. Watch the on-demand intelligence briefing for the Americas here.


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