March 02, 2020

The spread of the Coronavirus, or COVID-19, has been raising many questions related to travel. The Wall Street Journal featured Senior Health Intelligence Analyst, Courtney Kansler, in its FAQ article. Kansler answered this question pertaining to thermal scanning at airports: "I’ve heard that airports are taking fliers’ temperatures when they land. What happens if you are found to have a temperature?"

The answer: "If a passenger has a fever—considered by medical professionals to be a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher—what comes next will be up to local health authorities. 'If someone is showing signs of a generic illness or Covid-19, they’ll likely be tested if they’re arriving from a country that has identified cases,' said Courtney Kansler. Those who might have been exposed to a suspected case but aren’t exhibiting signs of illness are sent to quarantine. Quarantines have taken many different forms. People returning to the U.S. have been required to stay home for two weeks after visiting a high-risk country or have been evacuated to military bases, while travelers overseas have been confined to hotels where cases were reported among their fellow guests."

The Wall Street Journal article featured other frequently asked questions such as:

  • Should I cancel my trip because of Coronavirus?
  • What if I'm headed to Japan?
  • Should I avoid flying altogether?

View the rest of the article, All Your Coronavirus Travel Questions Answered.


About Courtney Kansler

Courtney joined WorldAware in July 2014. She obtained her degree from Marlboro College with a focus on combat psychology and traumatic brain injuries in military veterans from the Vietnam Era through OEF/OIF, with a double-major in Islamic studies. She is a licensed Emergency Medical Technician and has practiced her skills for over ten years with fire departments in Vermont and Maryland, US, and has worked in rural medical clinics in Zimbabwe and Guatemala.


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