December 09, 2019

Preparing a response plan for events before they happen is a risk management best practice. The global threat environment is constantly changing, so your risk management program should be continuous. International Security Journal featured WorldAware Founder, Bruce McIndoe, in its December issue on continuous risk management. The article states, "By implementing a continuous risk management program, an organization continuously evaluates and responds to the changing threat landscape, rather than waiting for an incident to occur - or worse, being caught unaware and unprepared."

McIndoe states there are 5 steps to a continuous risk management process:

  1. Monitor for global threats 24/7.
  2. Assess what assets may be at risk.
  3. Notify your people that need awareness of the threat.
  4. Respond and work to recover from the critical event, or avoid and mitigate the potential threat.
  5. Evaluate the outcome and continuously improve the response process.

"Implementing a continuous risk management program ensures confidence in the organization's preparedness and enhances its ability to respond to any incident impacting its people or operations."

Read the full article from International Security Journal.