June 19, 2019

Electric scooter use is on the rise, especially in metropolitan cities where traffic is heavy. This popular method of transportation, seemingly convenient and cost-efficient, poses a risk to companies. Bruce McIndoe, Founder of WorldAware, gave his expert advice to The Company Dime. One company has already disallowed the use of these e-scooters by employees due to safety concerns. 

In the news article, McIndoe said organizations "should not be supporting personnel to use two-wheel transportation on public roadways." It is important to note that many accidents in developing countries involve pedestrians, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and occupants of vehicles other than cars. It may be a good idea to begin including this new transportation method in risk management plans and strategies. 

WorldAware offers the following risk intelligence when operating a moving vehicle:

  • Know your route. A good road map is essential.
  • Chart your intended route and alternative routes.
  • Check a country's road conditions and status; many roads are closed during certain times of year.


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