November 23, 2020

Community transmission of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continues throughout the country, and the risk of infection remains high regardless of destination in the US. At the nationwide level, authorities report an overall increase in cases since early September, in part due to the resumption of in-person education in some states, as well as easing of business and movement restrictions. These infection risks and other COVID-19 related factors continue to impact travel.


The USA Today recently spoke with Maxwell Leitschuh, Airline Safety Analyst about the pandemic's impact on the travel industry. He believes that the travel industry will recover faster than people expect. He stated, "If a vaccine takes hold in the first half of 2021, we can expect airline passenger numbers to be above 90% of their pre-pandemic numbers by the end of 2021". He expects to see similar trends in the rest of the travel industry.



Please read the full article here to get insights into how the travel industry will recover from COVID-19, it's role in the global economy, and which travel businesses to support the most.