May 02, 2019

On April 11, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was expelled from his asylum in the London embassy of Ecuador. Rafael Correa was president of Ecuador at the time Assange sought refuge. When Lenín Moreno became president in 2017, he turned against Correa's policies and revoked Assange's asylum after breaches of trust, including leaked photos of Moreno's family. 

Senior Intelligence Manager, Michael Baney, provided commentary on the conflict between the former and current president in the New York Review of Books. "By contrast, Moreno—who considers himself a socialist—has consolidated his break with his predecessor 'by turning away from Cuba and Venezuela and towards the US,' according to Michael Baney, an Americas intelligence analyst with the consultancy WorldAware."

"'This break between the two began well before Assange was removed from the embassy,' said Baney, 'and while Assange’s removal is a part of Moreno’s rejection of Correa’s policies, it is likely more related to the internal politics of Ecuador rather than US pressure on the country.'"

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