July 18, 2018

George Taylor, VP Global Operations, discusses air ambulance evacuations with ITIJ.

The list of potential dangers posed to an air ambulance are many - these are unpredictable environments by their very nature - and the ways in which risks have to be minimized also vary."War zones are a little bit tricky," says George Taylor, Global Operations Vice President at Maryland, US-based [WorldAware], which majors in end-to-end intelligence-driven risk management for clients in all sectors of the travel industry. A recent evacuation the company assisted with out of Yemen, which involved eight family members with a range of injuries, required an armed escort and liaison with local warlords to enable a 125-mile journey across hostile territory, while the clients in a South Sudan operation faced two major risks: crossfire on the road an the potential shooting down of their rescue plane. 

Key Takeaways:


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