March 12, 2019

"Leading travel risk management firm WorldAware is recommending that people avoid Boeing 737 MAX series aircraft for the time being. Civilian aviation authorities in the United Kingdom, European Union, and elsewhere ordered airlines not to fly the planes in their airspaces after Sunday's Ethiopian Airlines Crash."

Max Leitschuh, Senior Transportation Analyst, said, "We are recommending that travelers strongly consider to avoid flying on MAX aircraft until we know if the Ethiopian Airlines and Lion Air crashes are linked. That applies to MAX 8 and MAX 9 aircraft. It does not apply to Boeing 737-800 or Boeing 737-900, which are different planes."

"WorldAware founder Bruce McIndoe said the purpose of the recommendation was to 'err on the side of safety.'" Leitschuh noted that WorldAware is not in the business of telling companies what to do, but providing intelligence and recommendations to them to make smart decisions based on their risk thresholds. 

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