June 14, 2020

Surveys show over half of Americans are planning to travel this summer, with planned road trips up 72% compared to last summer.

"As such, travelers should take extra precautions when preparing and booking trips."
-Bruce McIndoe, WorldAware Founder

However, factors including fears of the risks from a possible second wave of COVID-19, future civil unrest and potential for continuing decline in the economy makes predicting American travel behavior in the near-term difficult.

On mitigating risks associated with a declining economy, WorldAware Founder Bruce McIndoe cautions one shouldn't ignore them. He says one challenge will be the financial stability of companies and the likely number of failures across the travel industry in the months ahead. "This includes airlines, hotels, auto rental companies, and just about any other supplier to the industry." He recommends buying travel insurance, and using a credit card, which can offer some protection against default, and buying travel insurance.


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