March 04, 2020

The Boston Herald relayed the US government is monitoring travel restrictions in "hot spots" such as Italy, South Korea, and Japan, relating to the spread of COVID-19. The publication spoke with WorldAware Senior Health Intelligence Analyst, Courtney Kansler, on whether "additional screenings for passengers traveling into the U.S. from the 'hot spot' nations are necessary."

Kansler said, "Additional screenings aren’t necessary and might not even be effective. [They] will only catch people who are already actively sick." On traveler preparedness, Kansler noted, "Travelers should be prepared for changing travel restrictions and even bans as the virus continues to spread." 

The article went on to state, "the biggest deterrent for travelers currently is the threat of quarantine, both experts agreed."

View the full article on Boston Herald.


About Courtney Kansler

Courtney joined WorldAware in July 2014. She obtained her degree from Marlboro College with a focus on combat psychology and traumatic brain injuries in military veterans from the Vietnam Era through OEF/OIF, with a double-major in Islamic studies. She is a licensed Emergency Medical Technician and has practiced her skills for over ten years with fire departments in Vermont and Maryland, US, and has worked in rural medical clinics in Zimbabwe and Guatemala.


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