June 11, 2020

As the hotel industry navigates returning leisure and business travelers during the COVID-19 pandemic, travel managers are figuring out the amount of business travel that can be conducted. Several travel managers now work closely with COVID-19 planning teams and committees to obtain approval for business travel. A wide variety of scenarios are being projected regarding the amount of business travel that can approved based on current COVID-19 data, subject to change as future data is made available.

Navigating the wide-range of COVID-19-related restrictions has also contributed to the mixed return to business travel. Finding hotel accommodations is proving tricky. Bruce McIndoe, president and founder of WorldAware, agreed that it’s particularly difficult to track government regulations across the travel spectrum, noting an example of a client that took a business trip recently by road only to find they couldn’t get off interstate highways in New Mexico due to state-level regulations. “He had to drive to Arizona to find a hotel to finish that trip,” he said.


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