March 13, 2020

Max Leitschuh, Sr. Transportation Intelligence Analyst, and Courtney Kansler, Sr. Health Intelligence Analyst, were quoted in the Vice article, Here's What You Should Do About Coronavirus and Travel Plans.

Leitschuh explained "during an outbreak like this, 'planes themselves are one of the safer public places to be.' People generally stay in their seats during a flight and aren’t touching each other, and HEPA filters placed every two to three rows recycle fresh, outside air frequently throughout the flight."

When asked about public ground transportation, Max said "trains and buses are a bit more iffy. They lack the fancy, well-distributed HEPA filters, and people move around a lot more – boarding, leaving, walking to the snack car and bathroom, resting their hands on seats as they walk, etc."

Courtney Kansler told Vice, "Travel restrictions between countries can change in an instant. If you don’t have travel insurance, or if your policy doesn’t cover medical expenses, that could mean facing medical evacuation and getting stuck away from home much longer than expected."


About Max Leitschuh

Max is an Airline Safety Analyst in WorldAware's Executive Decision Support (XDS) team. He is the lead author of WorldAware’s quarterly Airline Safety Newsletter. Max joined WorldAware in 2010 after working at the Library of Congress and in the US Senate. He holds a degree in International History from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service.


About Courtney Kansler

Courtney joined WorldAware in July 2014. She obtained her degree from Marlboro College with a focus on combat psychology and traumatic brain injuries in military veterans from the Vietnam Era through OEF/OIF, with a double-major in Islamic studies. She is a licensed Emergency Medical Technician and has practiced her skills for over ten years with fire departments in Vermont and Maryland, US, and has worked in rural medical clinics in Zimbabwe and Guatemala.