April 23, 2019

Skift reported on what travel advisors need to know regarding the risks of personnel travel to Sri Lanka. The UK, US, and Canada governments have issued travel advisories on the security situation, warning travelers that terrorist attacks are still possible in Sri Lanka. Travelers currently in the region should be aware of their surroundings and exercise a high degree of caution. Skift cited our recent blog, indicating the targeting of high-profile luxury hotels shows that the terrorist attacks aimed to create an atmosphere of fear that could adversely affect organization's operations and drive away tourists and multinational companies alike.

Corporate travel advisors have a duty of care to provide risk assessments to those operating in and heading to Sri Lanka. As organizations are exposing their personnel to risk, they are responsible for mitigating that travel risk. The Sri Lanka government will likely increase security and attempt to prevent a dip in tourism and minimize the departure of foreign businesses. 

Although terrorist attacks are unpredictable, there are after-action steps you can take and provide to your personnel. If there is a disturbance outside your hotel, keep your drapes closed, extinguish all lights, and stay away from the windows. If you hear an explosion, resist the urge to look out the window. A second, and a usually more violent, explosion follows many bombings. Try and seek shelter in your bathroom or, if possible, an interior stairwell. Remain sheltered in a secure location until you are certain the danger has passed.

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