January 24, 2019


Regional Analyst for the Americas, Jose De Bastos, commented on the unrest in Venezuela.

“'Hundreds of thousands of people participated in nationwide protests on January 23 in support of Venezuela’s opposition-led National Assembly and the swearing-in of its president, Juan Guaido, as interim President of Venezuela,' Jose De Bastos, Regional Analyst for the Americas at WorldAware, a global risk management firm, told Newsweek.

'This has reinvigorated critics of President Maduro, and further large-scale protests are likely to occur in upcoming weeks, with demonstrators likely to respond to calls by Guaidó and his allies to take to the streets in order to increase pressure on Maduro,' Bastos added.

Protests have rocked Venezuela for years as Maduro’s economic policies have been blamed for hyperinflation and major shortages of food and other basic goods. Bastos noted that the protests are now spreading across the country to smaller villages.

'These spontaneous demonstrations have occurred mostly in low-income neighborhoods, which had until recently been bastions of support for Maduro’s administration,' Bastos said. 'Despite their small scale, these protests have been very disruptive and violent, with frequent clashes between protesters and police and the military. They have also mostly occurred at night, increasing the threats to participants given the cover of darkness, and human rights organizations say most of the at least 26 people who have been killed in the recent protests have died during these smaller and more violent demonstrations.'"

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