November 11, 2020

"This vote is so controversial," Michael Baney, a Peru specialist and the senior intelligence manager for the Americas at the international risk management company WorldAware, told ABC News in a telephone interview Tuesday. He noted that 60 out of 130 members of the Peruvian Congress are under criminal investigation and that no party has a majority.

Baney said that Peru's long history of impeachments makes the country's political system one of the weakest in Latin America.

A large contributing factor to Vizcarra's ouster is the country's inability to control the COVID-19 pandemic. Peru currently has the highest mortality rate per capita of any country in the world. 

Baney told ABC News that "it was almost impossible for Vizcarra to control the pandemic," because a vast majority of Peruvians are part of the country's underground economy that's largely beyond the government's control.

Read the full article by ABC News here: Peru’s President Ousted in Impeachment Vote as Country Tips Toward Political Crisis



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