April 22, 2019

Female travelers are more susceptible to risk when traveling alone. Founder and Chief Evangelist, Bruce McIndoe, says that it's easier to be a man when traveling. Women who travel are more likely to dine in their hotel rooms than to eat in the establishment's restaurant. More often than men, women are the object of unwanted attention. “I have female colleagues who won’t go to a hotel restaurant,” he said, “They say, ‘I’m tired of being approached’ so they just stay in the room and eat dinner.” 

The National Sexual Violence Resource Center provides 91% of rape victims are women and that one in five will be raped. The article in Los Angeles Times offers a list of personal protective measures that solo female travelers can take when on business or leisure. Below are a few tips for staying alone at a hotel or rental property.


  • Choose a hotel or rental property to stay in that has plenty of reviews (track record is important) and positive postings. 
  • See what’s around the hotel or establishment. Avoid accommodations that are in the middle of nowhere, but even in a city try to divine whether the neighborhood holds risk.
  • Properties with rooms that begin on an upper floor may provide an advantage; you generally must pass one layer of security to get to the elevators that take you to the hotel lobby.
  • When you get into an elevator with someone else, let him or her punch the floor button first. If it’s the same floor as yours, go up another level.

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