September 03, 2020

As many domestic restrictions are eased, borders gradually reopening, international entry restrictions eased or lifted, and varying precautions are being taken by airlines and airports to lower the risk of exposure to COVID-19 to travelers, several questions can arise. For example, The Wall Street Journal asked WorldAware's Courtney Kansler what happens when an airport and/or airline is checking temperatures as a COVID-19-related precaution, and a traveler presents with a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher.

The most likely scenario is the person will not be allowed to board a flight, or if arriving from elsewhere, they'll be seen to by local health authorities. “If someone is showing signs of a generic illness or COVID-19, they’ll likely be tested if they’re arriving from a country that has identified cases,” shares Kansler. For those who may have been exposed but are asymptomatic, they will likely be sent to quarantine.


To get answers to questions ranging from where Americans are able to travel internationally, domestic travel safety, navigating in-country movement restrictions, air travel safety, whether travel insurance should be purchased, and much more, please read the full article here.