June 12, 2019

Data privacy can be compromised anywhere, according to Born2Invest. The article discusses what to do about cameras, particularly in hotels and airplane seat back entertainment systems. Travelers have to trust that these devices are turned off. 

Although travelers cannot choose how their data is handled, Bruce McIndoe, Founder of WorldAware, gives advice on how to recognize a privacy breach and what to do after a potential breach.

"'If your laptop or any storage devices are reviewed at customs or appear to have been moved in your hotel room, you should assume that your drive has been copied,' says Bruce McIndoe, founder of WorldAware, a travel risk management firm. 'Only take the bare essentials when you are traveling,' he advises. 'A travel laptop stripped of any nonessential files is a good strategy. Keep your laptop locked up when you are leaving your room. Do not leave it or any electronic devices unattended.'"


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