May 31, 2020

The travel industry has been left changed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Airlines have been blocking off middle seats and dropping consumer-unfriendly policies in an attempt to maintain social distancing and incentivize travel.  Car rentals, hotels and vacation rentals have made efforts to emphasize improved cleaning measures in between guests. Travel insurance has become more restrictive and pricier to allow for "cancel for any reason" policies. Cruise lines have canceled most of their trips through July. 

However, the travel industry may need to change even more to regain customer trust and incentivize people to use travel services again at a level anywhere close to pre-pandemic numbers. Forbes asked industry experts, including WorldAware's senior transportation analyst, Max Leitschuh, what the travel industry should change about itself and they responded. Customers want no-questions-asked refunds, better customer service, removal of surcharges and fees, airlines to keep sick passengers off flights, touchless services to decrease counter activity and lower pricing. "Airlines are very tuned in to traveler buying habits, and travelers have made it very clear that they value low up-front fares above all else," said Leitschuh. 

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