May 18, 2020

Organizational concerns relating to COVID-19 has forced organizations to examine the gaps in their risk management policies and procedures. WorldAware founder, Bruce McIndoe, explains how WorldAware has provided clients the situational analysis and resources to minimize their exposure risk throughout the pandemic. 

"We've been educating in a number of key areas such as the importance of having traveler tracking, a solid communication plan, and a reporting mechanism in place. As an intelligence provider in the business of 'people risk management,' we've been providing executive level briefings to major companies and offering strategic forecasting on what are possible outcomes for the future," says WorldAware's McIndoe.

"In a nutshell, we are looking at the next 18-plus months with multiple waves of the infection necessitating suppression actions - like work-from-home, physical distancing, stores staying closed - being ramped up and down. Best case scenario is to allow certain cohorts to go back to work, like we did essential hospital, police and fire staff, etc. But for the majority, work from home will be the norm," he says.

"Travel will be uneven across the globe. For example, what do Travel Risk Managers do when travel opens up in the US, but is shut down in another region, or vice versa? They need data to drive decisions, inform their Travel Management Company and impose policy rules through their booking tools," McIndoe advises.



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